Level 1 - Wellbeing Ambassador

This is for you if…

  • You would like to deepen your own understanding of how wellbeing works

  • You would like to shine a light for others to help point them back home when they are struggling or troubled

  • You may have come across the principles of innate wellbeing* and would like to understand these more deeply

  • You would like to take the first step towards certifying as a Wellbeing Practitioner

What will you achieve?

The Outcomes of attending this programme are that you develop the capacity to confidently access the source of your own wellbeing.

You will:

  • Experience 25 hours in-depth learning over 3 months about the principles of innate wellbeing* (a combination of in person and online group work and 1:1 mentoring)

  • Experience your own insight that has a transformative and sustainable impact on your wellbeing

  • Develop the capacity to model the way and encourage wellbeing in your community

Are there any pre-requisites?

  • An interest in learning something profound and game-changing about wellbeing

  • A willingness to move beyond any intellectual understanding of wellbeing to a deeper, personal and  embodied understanding

  • A desire to share your experience and be of service to others

What is the criteria for certification?

This is not a certified practitioner programme as we focus instead on supporting you to have your own understanding of wellbeing that will allow you to be a role model for wellbeing in your community. 

This is a pre-requisite first step to certifying as a Wellbeing Practitioner.

* The principles of innate wellbeing are also known as the Inside-Out paradigm or the three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness articulated by Sydney Banks