Uncovering mental wealth for young people
16-24 years old

We are kickstarting a revolution that contributes to a global shift in wellbeing… one human being at a time - especially those young and disadvantaged.

We have a simple, yet ground-breaking, evidence based message that shines a spotlight on the inbuilt mental wealth of resilience and wellbeing that exists within us all.

no-one is broken

In our world today, young people will be forced to address enormous global challenges and create a sustainable future. It is our shared societal duty to inspire, enable and encourage this generation to realise their full potential…as creative problem solvers and contributors to society - especially those struggling with disadvantages in life.

Many are struggling with mental health challenges, difficult circumstances and a concerning future ahead. Many also experience painful and destructive behaviours, either towards themselves or towards others.

The solution

We offer a genuine game-changing solution, with preventative evidence-based education programmes, we help young people and those that support them to realise their innate wellbeing.

We know that when people insightfully understand how their minds work and learn the true source of wellbeing and what can get in the way, young people discover their infinite potential and power –

no matter their past or present
circumstances, experience of trauma,
DNA or brain chemistry.

This understanding gives them the start in life that they deserve and offers them a future of hope.

The problem

There is an epidemic of mental health issues amongst young people that has stretched services to breaking point. The news is full of alarming stories of young people suffering mental illness and the statistics make grim reading:

•    One in ten children aged between 5 and 16 years (three in every classroom) has a mental health problem, and many continue to have these problems into adulthood.

•    Over half of all mental illness starts before the age of 14 years, and 75% has developed by the age of 18.

•    Rates of depression and anxiety amongst teenagers have increased by 70% in the past 25 years.

•    NHS England estimates that poor mental health costs the economy, the NHS and society £105 billion a year in England.

Although young people may have been through difficult or traumatising circumstances –  we know that this does not need to define them - the psychological fact is… that no-one is broken.

Young people cannot be permanently damaged… although they can temporarily lose sight of their innate wellbeing, creativity and resilience.

This fact is often overlooked by the parents, carers, teachers, youth workers and society at large.

What we are up to

The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective is a Social Enterprise (CIC) - business as a force for good.

Our purpose is to kickstart a wellbeing revolution and contribute to a global shift in wellbeing, one human being at a time.

Our vision is for young people everywhere to realise their reservoir of resilience, to navigate life with more ease and to access the creativity and resourcefulness they didn't realise they had; uncovering their innate mental wealth.

Our mission is over the next two years to help 1,000 young people, 16-24 years old, to uncover their mental wealth and set-up 1,000 Young Person Wellbeing Ambassadors who can point others back home when they lose their way.

Our Programs

We offer genuinely preventative (and curative) programs that help young people aged 16 to 24 realise their innate wellbeing.

Young Person Wellbeing Ambassadors: We know that young people often listen to their peers and value a peer mentoring approach, as Co-Founders of the Resilient Young Minds Movement, we are partnering with Coaching Connect to focus on developing Young Person Wellbeing Ambassadors who will act as a light to show other young people around them that there is hope. Our aim is to have Wellbeing Ambassadors in all Colleges and Universities in the UK.

We also have experience of offering the following programs:

Young Entrepreneurs: Uncovering mental wealth - for troubled or disadvantaged youth in education

Ready to Work: Discover the source of true success – aimed at (pre) apprentices

Wisdom and Wellbeing: No one is broken – for homeless, ex-offenders and those struggling with addiction or mental health challenges.

In addition, we know that the key for sustainability is to support those directly in contact with young people who are often dealing with the stresses of being in the front line. So we also wish to:

Help the Helper: Take a breath – to resource those that directly support young people either personally or professionally and develop them as Wellbeing Ambassadors. We offer a series of bespoke training experiences. After all, as airlines direct you to do on the plane - to effectively help others, you first you need to give the oxygen mask to yourself.

We offer these programs in a variety of formats to suit the environment from in-house masterclasses, to one week residentials and twelve week programs or any combination. We always work with our stakeholders to co-create something tailor made to fit.

Our team

The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective team is a collaborative network of highly experienced change-makers, educators, teachers, coaches, youth workers and creatives who help young people thrive... and know exactly what it takes to make that happen.

We are all entrepreneurs in our own enterprises and wish to contribute to the Collective, because we all feel genuine passion and fulfilment when we witness the spark inside light up in a young person’s eyes. When young people get a glimpse of their true nature and realise there is real hope for their future, we know that’s where the real magic happens. Meet our Collective team…

Here are our collaborative partners who we work alongside and who are also looking in the same direction - of innate health and wellbeing.

Partner with us

It takes a village to raise a child and we wish to partner with all sectors of society to raise our young people to uncover their mental wealth. We actively seek partnerships with all sectors of the community, especially those with access to funding. We believe that business, charity, government and local community can create a societal shift; but only if we work together. We believe we are offering the missing piece that will unlock sustainable societal change - if everyone can look in the same direction - away from dysfunction and towards innate health and wellbeing.

Get involved…

The Resilient Young Minds Conference

November 2018 The Legacy

Here’s how you can be part of the Wellbeing Revolution for Young People.