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The Wellbeing Manifesto

We wrote this Wellbeing manifesto for the people who care about the wellbeing of people in an organisation. We thought it might help you if we shared what we know to be true – based on our 60+ years of study, inquiry and direct experience of supporting people to change and discover the source of true success.

We have an evidence-based solution and our approach is revolutionary. We know that every single person has innate wellbeing. No matter what has happened to them, their genes or their current experience of stress. And all it ever takes is for people to develop a personal understanding of life’s simple human truths.

There are simple truths about the nature of human nature that are true for all of us no matter what, whether or not we believe them. Eternal truths. Constants. Sages through the ages all pointed them out in their own unique ways. In a way there is nothing new here and on some level you already know it – but knowing it (in your head) vs KNOWING (in your bones) makes all the difference.

The  manifesto  outlines  these simple  human  truths that  once  truly  understood align  people with their existing wellbeing and wisdom more often, so they are stuck in a state of stress and  bad  feeling  less  often.

We offer this as a free handout after our programs, as we find it works best as a useful reminder of the ideas we cover, after people have had their initial insights into what we are pointing to. It also makes the case for why understanding this matters at work - and to the bottom line.

Do you want to know the simple secret to real success at work and in life?

The answer is…. Wellbeing. And you’ve already got it.

To give you an idea… here are the chapter headlines of what we cover and the free first chapter that makes the business case for wellbeing … Introduction to Wellbeing: the impact of stress on the bottom line.

The Wellbeing Manifesto

1.     Our own insight is the REAL agent of change (not what other people tell us)

2.     We make *everything* up

3.     We are all different

4.     We are all the same

5.     We are already (have always been and will always be) OK - even when we think we aren’t

6.     We live on a mood elevator (and its perfectly normal)

7.     We all have our own (sometimes crazy) ways of coping

8.     We are not broken, there is nothing missing

9.     We are all made of love, peace and wisdom (despite how it might seem)

10.   We take ourselves way too seriously and we seriously need to stop

11.   We are over-thinking it – life was meant to be easy

What is the origin of the manifesto and how do we know it to be true?

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