Our Approach

We know that every single person has innate mental health and Wellbeing. We don’t give advice, use techniques or tell people what to do – rather we educate and explore universal principles of how stress and Wellbeing work for everyone and how an understanding of this can help people to naturally access their Wellbeing and resilience.

Our approach creates space for individuals to experience true insights, and discover answers through challenging situations organically. It is this precious personal enquiry (or those ‘a-ha’ moments) that are the agents of real and sustainable change. Every training we offer includes a free download of the Wellbeing Manifesto.

We offer public programs as well as programs tailored for you.

Anyone can attend our public programs; we regularly offer affordable One-day Wellbeing at Work workshops and introductory online webinars. These are the perfect starting point for individuals or businesses looking to open their minds and expand their potential. We can also provide ongoing support with one to one wellbeing support. What’s more, to encourage sustainability, we can offer bespoke, comprehensive or intermediate face to face programs to develop your own in-house certified Wellbeing Practitioners.

We can also co-create your own handmade in-house Wellbeing program.

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Wisdom & Wellbeing Programs

“I had the realisation how something so apparently simple can make a huge impact on myself, leadership team, the office and the culture. I would recommend this approach to all staff, everyone could benefit.”

Senior HR Business Partner Discovery TV

“Loved it! I've noticed I'm a lot less anxious and more resilient since this workshop.”

Account Director, Kazoo PR

“It's not only work related as I'm also using it in my day to day life. It is so beneficial and great - even people who think they are not stressed could really benefit from this.”

Area Manager Retail CookFood

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Certified Wellbeing Practitioner Programme

“ I have always been a searcher and travelled the world looking for ways to improve wellbeing. When I came across the principles that explain how the human mind works to create our experience of life from the inside out - it was as if someone finally handed me the how-to manual for life and the search was over. Learning from Ian how to mentor and coach others in this understanding, has enabled me to access a deep level of transformative listening and discover for myself too a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment and freedom beyond anything I could ever have imagined … and I now know too, this wellbeing is available to anyone, regardless of their circumstances. 

- Annette Stein Transformational Coach and Founder of the Listening Space

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