Wellbeing Practitioner - Be a beacon and support others 1:1

What are the intended outcomes?

By attending this programme you will:

  • develop the capacity to access the source of your own wellbeing

  • confidently share your understanding with others 1:1

  • point others in the direction of their innate wellbeing

This is for you if…

  • You would like to deepen your own understanding of how wellbeing works

  • You would like to shine a light for others to help point them back home when they are struggling or troubled

  • You may have come across the principles of innate wellbeing* and would like to understand these more deeply or you have had your own insight resulting in a transformative and sustained impact on your wellbeing

  • You would like to develop your professional capacity to point others in the direction of wellbeing

  • You are considering a career as a Wellbeing Practitioner and are looking to develop your skills and/or

  • You would like to play a key role to improve wellbeing in your community or organisation

* The principles of innate wellbeing are also known as the Inside-Out paradigm or the three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness articulated by Sydney Banks  

What will you learn?

You will experience 50 hours of in-depth learning over 6 months about the principles of innate wellbeing* (a combination of in person and online group work, practical sessions and 1:1 mentoring - including observation of your practise sessions) and you will:

  • Experience your own insight that has a transformative and sustainable impact on your wellbeing

  • Develop the capacity to model the way and encourage wellbeing in your community or organisation

  • Learn how to see and point wellbeing out in others

  • Develop the capacity to listen for and speak from wellbeing when working 1:1

  • Develop the capacity to create an Insight space for others (see our Wellbeing Practitioner - Guidelines for Practice)

Are there any pre-requisites?

  • An interest in learning something profound and game-changing about wellbeing

  • A willingness to move beyond any intellectual understanding of wellbeing to a deeper, personal and  embodied understanding

  • A desire to share your experience and be of service to others 

What is the format of the Program?

On each certified program you will receive over 50 hours of in-depth training over 6 months including:

  • A personal intake call

  • Three x two-day in-person group immersion trainings (Central London)

  • At least 5 individual virtual mentoring sessions with a certified Wellbeing Mentor

  • 3 practise sessions where you will be observed and given feedback from a certified Wellbeing Mentor

  • 6 live group webinars (recorded) with the facilitators and other experts in the field

  • Free personal access to our e-learning program

The training groups will be limited in numbers to optimise the learning experience and ensure a high level of individual support.

Each program can be counted towards 50 CPD hours

We will certify you against specific observable criteria

What is the criteria for certification?

  • Attendance of all in person and online group events

  • Completion of 8 individual mentoring sessions including 3 observed practise sessions

  • We can attest to observing that participants meet our certification criteria which is:

    • you have seen something insightfully for yourself about your own innate wellbeing

    • you have the capacity to see the innate wellbeing in others

    • you can create the space for another to see something insightfully about their own innate wellbeing (as per our Wellbeing Practitioner Guidelines for Practise)

    • you have received feedback from a client attesting they have seen something insightful for themselves about their own innate wellbeing as a result of your practitioner session

Successful completion of the Wellbeing Practitioner Training (or equivalent) is a pre-requisite step for joining our advanced Wellbeing Trainer Programme

When is it and what does it cost?

In person dates: Jan 23/24, Mar 26/27, Jul 2/3

Cost: £3,495

Certified Wellbeing Practitioner and Trainer £7,195 if taken together (normally £7,995)