Become a Certified Wellbeing Practitioner

The Problem

Dealing with uncertainty and change is one of life's constants - and for many this is stressful.

Right now we are also witnessing an exponential increase in stress in the workplace, mental health issues and people struggling. In short, more people than ever are experiencing chronic mental stress.

This takes a huge toll on individual, organisational and societal health as well as organisational productivity and performance.

The Solution

Give people a true understanding of how mental stress gets created and they uncover an inner resilience they didn't know they had. Learning to recognise and live from their innate capacity for wisdom and wellbeing, people think better, feel better and perform better.

We can train you to help others eliminate stress at its source and create the conditions for people to access clarity and the resourcefulness to thrive in any situation.

How Can I Help?

Become a Wellbeing Practitioner for your organisation.

We offer training that will support, train and certify you to become a Wellbeing Practitioner to an advanced level for your company, organisation or community.

You will learn:

  • How stress really works and the principles of innate wellbeing

  • How to uncover the innate resilience in yourself and others

  • The keys to effective one-to-one wellbeing coaching

  • The most impactful ways to share your understanding with others

  • How to help people in crisis

  • How to help people find common ground and resolve difficulties

Learning from Ian how to mentor and coach others in this understanding, has enabled me to access a deep level of transformative listening and discover for myself too a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment and freedom beyond anything I could ever have imagined … and I now know too, this wellbeing is available to anyone, regardless of their circumstances. 
— Annette Stein Transformational Coach and Founder of the Listening Space

This is For You If You...

  • Are operating in a community, organisational or corporate people-oriented role

  • Want to help reduce stress, increase wellbeing and bring out the best in your people

  • Are drawn to providing a supportive space for others

  • Would like to develop your professional capacities as a wellbeing practitioner

  • Want to learn about and be inspired by the power of the human spirit

How can I become a certified Wellbeing Practitioner?

We offer a pathway through different trainings, each program has pre-requirements and our certifications require you to meet specific observable criteria. You can enter at any stage depending on your own level of experience and existing understanding - this is explored in an intake call.

“The Wisdom and Wellbeing courses have been a revelation for me in terms of both my personal and working life. I have now trained to become a Wisdom and Wellbeing Practitioner for my organisation. I love that it starts with understanding how I can access my own innate wellbeing so that I can then help others find theirs too.

Ian, Elizabeth and their team are truly inspirational to listen to plus accessible if you need another nudge in the right direction. I have also met some wonderful people on their courses. Most importantly I have found calmness in a busy world to enable me to be the best version of myself to support others.”
— Alison Payne - Head of People COOK Food

Certified Wellbeing Practitioner

Be a Beacon you will learn how to access the source of your own wellbeing, be a role model and listen for the innate wellbeing in others

Support others 1:1 you will learn to confidently share in 1:1 sessions how wellbeing works and be able to point others in the direction of their wellbeing.

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Certified Wellbeing Trainer

Teach others in groups you will learn how to establish yourself as an educator and confidently teach and facilitate in group settings

Mentor beginner practitioners after you have developed the experience to confidently teach others, you will learn how to train and mentor others to be effective wellbeing practitioners

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Once you are a certified Wellbeing Trainer you can apply to be one of our own Wellbeing Mentors. As part of our community, we actively look to offer you opportunities for Mentoring via our Directory and our own connections.

What is the format of each Program

On each certified program you will receive over 50 hours of in-depth training over 6 months including:

  • A personal intake call

  • Three x two-day in-person group immersion trainings (Central London)

  • At least 6 individual virtual mentoring sessions with a certified Wellbeing Mentor

  • At least 3 practise sessions where you will be observed and given feedback from a certified Wellbeing Mentor

  • 6 live group webinars (recorded) with the facilitators and other experts in the field

  • Free personal access to our e-learning program

The training groups will be limited in numbers to optimise the learning experience and ensure a high level of individual support.

Each program can be counted towards 50 CPD hours

We will certify you against specific observable criteria

Practitioner Development Programme: Get Lift-off

Get your practice up and going: This is for you if you have developed your own insightful understanding of the principles of innate wellbeing* and have already done a considerable amount of study and training. You might now feel ready to get your practise going but you’d like some help. Our experienced team, including Elizabeth and Ian will offer you practical support, resources and mentoring on how to get yourself up and running as a Wellbeing practitioner in your community or organisation. We intend that by the end of the program all participants will have jumped in and are swimming - or at the very least have dipped a toe and are confident to jump.

The format for this Six month program is:

  • Six x 2 hour monthly group live Webinars (recorded)

  • 5 x 1:1 Mentoring calls with an experienced certified Wellbeing Mentor

  • Access to all our marketing, promotional and course outlines such as: proposals, presentations, course descriptions, e-learning program etc.

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Wondering what program is for you?

Wellbeing Practitioner programs at a glance


Programme Dates 2019/20

Certified Wellbeing Practitioner 2020: January 23-24, March 26-27, July 2-3 London

Certified Wellbeing Trainer: 2020: February 24-25th, May 7-8th, Sep 17-18 London

Practitioner Development - Get Lift-Off: 2019/2020 7-9pm (UK) Wednesdays mid-month Oct 16, Nov 13, Dec 11, Jan 15, Feb 12, Mar 11

Location for IN-PErson Programs

Central London - venue tbc

Please note meals and accommodation costs are NOT included

Tuition FEES

Certified Wellbeing Practitioner £3,495

Certified Wellbeing Trainer £4,500

Certified Wellbeing Practitioner/Trainer £7,195 if taken together (normally £7,995)

PDP Get Lift-Off £795

All our programmes are led by Founders Ian Watson and Elizabeth Lovius

Individual payment plans available

Community Wellbeing Practitioner programmes for the Not for profit sector or those on a low income are run by our Certified Wellbeing Mentors and are offered at 50% rates - information on application.

Learning to coach from a listening place of deep wisdom, began with my own journey which was a difficult beginning in children’s and foster homes. It wasn’t a quick fix, after 47 years of conditioning, I was attached to my past. I wore it as a badge of honour which in part kept me in the pain and hurt. My beliefs and identity had to fall away to a clearing of peace.

This now enables me to work with anyone to deeply listen and allow the space for well-being which is always always there.

Elizabeth and Ian’s complimenting different styles of delivering this wonderful program and their choice of mentors and webinar speakers have made it a life changing experience for which I will forever be grateful.

— Chrissy Kelly - Educator and Young Person Mentor

On each program we offer one place as a bursary to someone who will have a high social impact in their community. Apply here.