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It takes a village to raise a child.

We believe all sectors of society should take responsibility for our young people’s future. So, we are appealing to a wide range of organisations to help fund and support our ambitious project - transform 2000 lives in 2 years. We are currently targeting those in our network, in a position to support this mission in some way.

For example:  

•    The Harris Federation – the UK’s highest performing large
multi-academy trust

•    UK Alternative Provision / Pupil Referral Units

•    UK Virtual Schools project

•    London Mayor – Health & Communities

•    UK National Lottery

•    Big Issue Invest

•    Businesses who can donate their resources, money and time

•    Charity Partners who we can apply with for co-funding

A contribution of £50,000 will sustainably transform 50 lives.

On our flagship Young Entrepreneurs programme we work with 25 young people plus 25 people in their community who can support them – a cross-section of parents, carers, teachers, youth workers/mentors and services. It costs between £1,250-1,750 per young person (residential) and £750 per community Wellbeing Ambassadors. Right now, we wish to fund five programmes. It costs society significant sums for young people to be cared for when they are struggling - for example it costs schools £4000 for each excluded student - our approach will make a social impact and save society money – but more than that it will unleash the creative potential of our young people.

Your support will be promoted across a range of social media channels with a world-wide audience, and there will be opportunities for longer-term legacy through further grass-roots community projects as well as potential for working together on business collaborations in particular on apprenticeships.

This is your chance to make a massive difference to young people and ensure they grow up into healthy, balanced and contributing human beings – giving to society.
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